One Extra Degree Makes all the Difference!

At 211° water is hot.  But at 212° water boils.  When water is boiling it is powerful enough to steam a massive locomotive!   But at 211° the train is not budging one inch!

At 211° it is so close!

At 211° the conditions are right…and everything is in place for the train to move out.

But if it stays at 211° nothing will happen.  It has to get to 212°.

Maybe today you are at 211°.  You’ve been working.  You’ve put in the time, the energy, and the effort but you have not seen the results you are after.  You have to keep pushing.   You have to keep grinding, believing the process will get you to the outcome you want.

You have come too far to give up now!

You have experienced too much pain to turn back.

You’ve sacrificed, you’ve worked hard, and now you have to keep going so that you can get that reward.  Don’t let your pain be wasted.   Eric Thomas says, “You’re already hurting, you might as well get a reward from it!”

If you keep on fighting…keep on believing…keep on working as hard as you possibly can you will get there.  The breakthrough you need may be just around the corner.  You’ve spent all this time to get to 211°, now you have to keep working to get to 212° baby!  You’re almost there!

One More Degree!  You Can Get to 212°!