How cool would it be if I told you I was going to give you $86,400?  And you could do whatever you wanted to do with it.  And then the next day you’re going to get another $86,400, and each day after that as well.  And you could use that money however you wanted.  You could blow it, you could save it, you could use it for yourself, or you could use it on others; you could use it however you wanted, no strings attached!

Well, as nice as that would be, you’re not going to get $86,400.  But you are going to get something even better.  Every day you are given 86,400 seconds!  And you get to decide how you will spend it.  You can waste it, you can invest it, use it on yourself, or on others.    We are all given the same amount of time, 86,400 seconds every day.  It’s up to you as to how you spend that time.

Today, think about what you are doing with your time.  Are you spending it wisely?  Are you investing your time for a bigger payoff down the road or do you end up having regrets about time you have wasted?

Make the most out of every day by being purposeful about what you do, and how you do it.  Each day is a gift and we don’t know when a day will be our last day, so seize the day and seize every opportunity!

Be intentional about your success.  Structure your life around the things that really matter.  Using your time wisely means you are focusing on the things that will give you the biggest payoff down the road.

You get 86,400 seconds each day to use however you want.  You get to choose what you do with this gift.  Choose wisely!