The most important thing about this coming year, is the fact that you have the ability to make decisions. It’s not the circumstances that you are in that make the difference, it’s the choices you make in those circumstances. Here are 11 choices you can make each and every day throughout 2021:

1. Choose to forgive and let go

2. Choose to believe the best is yet to come

3. Choose love, kindness, and respect

4. Choose to be happy and know this choice depends on YOU and not your situation

5. Choose to take ownership of EVERY result in your life

6. Choose to make every experience a learning experience

7. Choose positive thinking over negative thinking

8. Choose to associate with people that lift you up, and make you better

9. Choose to respond rather than react. When everything around you is crazy, remember you don’t have to be.

10. Choose to step out in faith, rather than fear. Remember, both require a belief in something that hasn’t even happened yet.

11. Choose gratitude at all times. Turn your “expectations” into “appreciations” and watch how your world gets better.