Basketball season is in full swing and I have begun another season of practices with my team.  Each year I look at my guys and I have to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and determine  what our scheme for the season will be.  I always ask the question, “Why should we win?”

As a high school basketball coach there are some years I more talent than other years.

Regardless of our level of talent, I always ask the team this question, “Why should you win?”  What is it that is going to separate you from everyone else.  If we are relying on our talent and ability alone, then we will not have the level of success that we are capable of.

Talent is great.  You have to have some talent to win, but talent alone is no guarantee for success.  You have to deserve success.  This comes from having a strong mental game.

Being strong mentally always leads to being strong physically.  Being strong mentally always leads to being strong physically. Click To Tweet There are two things the mental game brings about that is the basis for why we win:

1.  A strong work ethic
2.  Unrelentless determination

There are many things in sports, and life, that are beyond our control.    You cannot always determine your skill level or the skill level of your opponent, but you can always control your level of work ethic and determination.

Mindset is greater than skill set Click To Tweet Your attitude is much more valuable than your skills.  It can be summed up like this: Mindset is greater than skill set.

Having a great work ethic means you are working hard not just when the spot light is on, but in the hours and hours you are alone, honing your craft and doing everything you can to become your absolute best.

A great work ethic means you take no short cuts.   You go all out giving maximum effort without needing someone to push you because you have an internal drive that demands you give nothing but your best.

Winners combine this type of work ethic with a determined, refuse to lose mentality.

Determination means you do not accept defeat.  You are willing to pay whatever price is necessary and do whatever it takes to get the win.  It doesn’t mean you never fail, it just means when you get knocked down you refuse to stay down.  You get back on your feet, and keep going no matter what.  You keep going because you know success is eventually going to come your way.

Winner’s are so determined to win they are willing to sacrifice more than others.  What are you willing to sacrifice for your success?

Are you so determined to reach your goals and dreams that you are willing to pay any price?

Do you get right back up each time life hits you with something to bring you down?

When people look at you, do they see someone who works harder, longer, and smarter than everyone else?

Maximum Effort + Maximum Determination = Success.

2018 is winding down.  Make a  final push to finish this year strong, and begin 2019 giving maximum effort and maximum determination.   When you’ve given everything you’ve got, then and only then will you deserve success.

You’ve got what it takes!

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