“Make A Decision!”

What does it mean to make a decision?

The English word decision comes from a Latin word that literally means “to cut off”.  When you make a decision you are cutting off all other possibilities.

How many times have you decided to do something only to go back on it?  Have you ever decided to start exercising, to go on a diet, to go to bed earlier, to get up earlier, to get to work earlier, to be more patient, to spend less money, to save more money, to keep your house more organized?Many people make decisions yet they keep going back on that decision.

When you truly decide, you are cutting off all other options.

What decisions have you made lately?  Have you left the other options on the table?  Or are you really committing to your decision, knowing that it will be hard?  Are you willing to stick to it in spite of difficulty?

Maybe it’s time to cut the rope.

In the movie, “Batman, The Dark Knight Rises”, there is a scene where the Batman is in a prison deep under ground.  There are many prisoners and they can all see the opening about 100 feet above them.  No one can escape however, because no one has ever been able to scale the walls of the prison to get to the top.

The batman decides to escape.  He is able to scale the prison wall to get to a ledge about half way up.  But from this point, he must jump to another ledge, where he would then be able to climb the rest of the way out.  No one has ever been able to make this jump.

He ties a safety rope around his waist and attempts the jump.  He doesn’t make it.  It’s just too far out of his reach and he cannot get to the ledge.  The safety rope keeps him from crashing to his death to the floor of the cave below.

He tries again and again, but each time he cannot make the jump and the rope saves him from crashing to the rock bottom floor of the prison.

There is an old man in the prison and he tells him the reason he cannot make the jump is because of the rope.  He tells him as long as he has the safety of the rope, he knows it’s ok if he fails.  He tells him he needs to fully commit, and cut the rope.

The Batman decides to do it.  He decides to make the jump without the security of knowing the rope is there “just in case”.  He cuts the rope, thereby cutting off all other options.

He attempts the jump, fully committed, knowing there are no other options and no second chances, and he makes it.

Too many people are lock in their own mental prison because they won’t fully commit. They need to cut the rope.  They need to fully commit, acting as if there are no other options.  When you make something “do or die” we often find a way to make it happen.  Today make a decision and really commit.  No other options, no more excuses.

It’s time decide!

You’ve got what it takes!