The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret?

Anything worthwhile has a price to pay. The question is, are you willing to pay the price? The old saying “No Pain – No Gain” is true. Too many people shy away from pain. The truth is life is full of pain. Some pain we can control, and some pain we experience we have no control over; but life certainly has pain.   We must learn to use that pain to help us act, and to help us move closer to our goals.

Look at it this way: In any situation you have two choices. You can choose the pain of discipline, or you can choose the pain of regret. Choosing the pain of discipline means you act when you don’t feel like it.   It means you understand it’s painful now, but choosing this pain means you pay the price on the front end. When you choose this option, you feel accomplished. You feel like you are moving forward. You feel like nothing can stop you. This is how you become a more disciplined and successful person. This is how you feel like you are winning and not losing. When you string together several wins in a row you begin to gain momentum.

Choosing the pain of regret however is what too many people choose. They put things off and fail to act, and then they regret that they did so. Most all of us have done this, and we know what this pain is like. We often get mad at ourselves for not acting, we feel defeated and then we begin to say negative things to ourselves that make it even worse! We have to remember that when we choose the pain of discipline we are choosing to give up what we want NOW for what we want MOST.


Choosing the pain of discipline over the pain of regret is a conscious choice you must make! Either way there is pain.  If you choose to put things off and pay the price on the back end, then the price is much greater. The pain of regret is always greater than the pain of discipline. What one will you choose today?

Here’s to your success!