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7 Ways to Make it A Great Day

1. Focus on other’s needs instead of your wants.  The great Zig Ziglar used to say, “You’ll get everything you want out of life if you just help enough people get what they want.”  Be the kind of person who thinks of others before yourself.  Remember Self-absorbed people are miserable.

2. Listen first, speak second.  There is a reason God gave you two ears and one mouth!  Listen twice as much as you speak.  Do people say you are a good listener?  With a little practice this is a skill you can easily develop and will help improve every relationship you have.

There is a reason God gave you two ears and one mouth…so you can listen twice as much as you speak! Click To Tweet

3. Resist the urge to complain.  It won’t make anything better and it brings negative energy to the room.  This isn’t you!  Bring positive energy with your presence, your words, and your attitude.  People will want to be around you.

4. Count your blessings not your problems.  No matter how bad things are or how many problems you are dealing with, stop and count your blessings.  And start with the ones we so easily take for granted.

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5. Respond instead of react.  When you are sick and have a reaction to your medicine that’s bad; when your body responds that’s good!  If you are faced with a situation that makes you angry today do not react out of emotion. Be the kind of person who responds rationally with thought and poise. 

6. Make time to exercise!  You know you need to. You want to. You plan to…If this is describers you get some momentum this week by starting today.  You’ve heard it said, “Day One or One day?   Your body will release endorphins and you’ll feel better, be more focused, and have more energy.

7. Acknowledge God is your source and be continually thankful for every breath He gives.  Always acknowledge that God is the source of your life and the giver of every good thing you have. 

Choose to make it a great day!

Mental Toughness Required!

Mental toughness is something often talked about in sports.  If an athlete wants to be successful he must master the mental game as much as the physical game.  The mentally weak may have some success, but it will not last.  Lasting success only comes to those who have a high level of mental toughness.

This is true in sports and in life.

“Problem” or “Opportunity”

Hi! My name is Gary Greeno and I’m super excited to enter the world of blogging!  This site, titled Motivation Minute is intended to help inspire and motivation you to achieve the goals and dreams you have set for yourself, your family, your business.  Motivation is an interesting subject.  We all want it.  Some seem to have it more than others.  Some of us wish we were more motivated.

As a basketball coach and educator for over 20 years I have observed people who have great internal motivation, and others who need to be motivated by outside forces. One thing I know for certain is that everyone needs to find their internal motivation if they are going to be successful.   Robert Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm.”  And I would add that nothing great can be achieved without motivation..and motivation will lead to enthusiasm.

In this first blog I want you to consider replacing the word “problem” with “opportunity”.

The great Duke Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski says, “Replace the word ‘problem’ with ‘opportunity’ and see what good things will happen.” 

We all have problems.  We all have obstacles in our way that we must figure out how to navigate around.   Obstacles are simply opportunities for growth and growth is never easy-but it’s always worth it.  Decide that you don’t have “problems” in your life, but you have “opportunities”.  The word problem itself brings a negative, defeating connotation. The word opportunity, however, opens up doors.

It’s all a matter of perspective, and you get to choose your perspective; you get to choose how you will view something.  Not only do you get to choose how you view it, but in every problem, you get to decide how you are going to respond to it.  Decide that you will use your problems as opportunities for growth, to expand your thinking and to find new ways of doing things.  Decide you will use your problems to motivate you and inspire you, never to defeat you.

Too many times we give up when we are faced with something negative.  Don’t give up!  Keep moving forward. You’re going to face hurdles, roadblocks and mountains that are in your path.  Don’t let them discourage you.  Just keep moving forward, because if you’re moving forward you’re making progress.  Some days the progress will be small, but even if it’s a tiny baby step forward it’s still a step in the right direction.

The human spirit is powerful!  You’re spirit is powerful, and your will and determination will get you to where you want to go.  Whatever obstacles you’re facing today, know that you CAN and you WILL find a way to keep moving forward.  The most successful people have all had obstacles to overcome.  No one has an easy road to greatness. Once you start down the road to greatness, keep moving, and don’t give up.  No pain, no obstacle, no hurdle is going to keep you from reaching your goal.  You either use your pain to propel you forward, or you allow your pain to defeat you.

No one has a problem-free life!  Expect the problems, know they will come, and get ready to seize the opportunity that comes with them!  The alternative is to get down and negative and complain how unfair it is, and that will get you nowhere!

Seize the opportunities today, and use each problem you face to get you one step closer to success!

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