The difference between a winner and a loser:

A Winner sees opportunities in every problem.

A Loser sees problems in every opportunity.

A Winner says, “Let’s find a way.”

A Loser says, “There is no way.”

A Winner sees failure as a chance to begin again more intelligently.

A Loser sees failure as final and fatal.

A Winner believes tomorrow is a new day.

A Loser believes tomorrow might be worse than today.

A Winner makes small progress daily.

A Loser makes excuses daily.

A Winner says, “It’s day one!”

A Loser says, “One day…”

A Winner says, “I’m Possible.”

A Loser says, “Impossibble”

A Winner brings out the best in others.

A Loser only sees the worst.

A Winner surrounds themselves with winners.

A Loser surrounds themselves with other losers.

A Winner wakes up and works for their dream.

A Loser only dreams without putting in the work.

A Winner is willing to pay the price for success.

A Loser wants a discount, but never finds success on sale.

A Winner has habits that lead to more winning.

A Loser has habits that lead to more losing.

If winning were easy, losers would do it.

You were not born to lose; you were born to choose to be a winner.

-Coach Greeno