“Try not to become a person of success,
but rather try to become a person of value.”
Albert Einstein

Chase significance rather than success by adding value to others. Here are 7 ways how.

The quote above by Albert Einstein is a great reminder of where our priorities should be.  In today’s world it’s easy to work so hard to be successful that we miss what’s most important.

I want to encourage you today to chase significance over success.  As Mr. Eistein said, “Try to become a person of value.”

"Try not to become a person of success,but rather try to become a person of value."-Albert Einstein Click To Tweet

What value are you bringing to the world today?  Think about the people you will interact with and focus on how you can add value to their lives. 

Focus your energy and efforts today not on being successful, but on being significant.  You have so much to offer the world.  Turn your focus from inward to outward.  Determine today that you will add value to as many people as possible.

You determine the significance of your life.  You have the ability to influence others and impact their lives for the better.  I wonder how many times we overlook simple ways to make a difference?

Starting with your family and those closest to you, how can you add value to their lives today?

Think about these 7 ways to add value to others:

1.  Speak positive words.  Don’t get caught up in negativity.  It’s all around you, but you don’t have to let it get in you.  Think of a boat that sinks. It sinks because the water around it gets inside it.  When enough water gets inside that boat it goes under.  The same is true with negativity.  It can be all around you but don’t let it in you.

2.  Do something thoughtful.  Everyone likes knowing someone was thinking about them.  Take 30 seconds today to send a text, email, or just tell someone personally how much you appreciate them.  Find something specific about them you like and tell them what it is.   Honest and sincere praise or appreciation goes a long way!

3. Share credit.  Share the credit for good things.  Better yet, when possible give credit to someone else.  Recognize the part other people are playing in your success.  

A boat sinks not because of the water around it, but because the water gets in it. Don't let the negativity around you sink you. Click To Tweet

4. Slow down.  Being intentional about adding value to others may mean you need to slow down during the day.  Don’t be so focused on your tasks that you fail to take time to invest in other people. No matter what your job or career is, you will feel better, have more peace, and enjoy life more if you’re intentional about about adding value. 

5.  Use people’s names.  Everyone likes to hear their name said.  Greet people by calling them by name, and use their name while speaking to them. 

6.  Get to know people.  Ask about their family, their kids or grand kids, their passions and hobbies.   Engage others in a conversation about themselves.  How can you take your relationships to the next level?  When you really get to know people you go to a new level of trust and influence. 

7. Smile immediately.  When you see someone immediately smile.  This is so simple and takes very little effort.  Whether you’re walking into a room where there’s a group, walking into an office, or someone coming to see you, practice smiling immediately.  Also, add a warm greeting using the persons name.

I know there is much to do during a day. We all want to be effective, we want to climb the ladder of success, we all want to achieve as much as possible.

In the midst of it all, focus on being significant in the lives of others. Add value to as many people as possible!

Go for it!


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