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“Make 2016 YOUR Year!”

2016 is only a few days away!

Have you written down your goals for the coming year?

Don’t just make a “new year’s resolution”, but take some time to write down your goals for 2016.  Mark McCormack tells of a study in which 3% of Harvard MBA’s made 10 times the amount of money of the other 97%.  What did the 3% have in common?  They wrote down their goals!

Make sure you write down your goals this year.  Take some time to get clear on what it is you want.  Too many people focus on what they don’t want, rather than spending their time and energy on what they DO want.

What do you want this year?  What do you want in your business?  In your family?  In your personal life?  In your health?  Determine what it is you want, and then wake up every day in 2016 going for it!

Many people short change their success because they  simply don’t have clarity on what they truly want.

When you look back on 2015 you will probably find you had some wins and you had some losses.   Reflecting on the good and the bad of the previous year can help you determine where you are, and where you want to go.   In one year from today, when you reflect back on 2016, what will you have done that will have made 2016 your best year yet?

Determine what you want, and how you will get there.

Make this the year you dream more, you do more, you become more!

Success doesn’t happen by accident.  2016 won’t be your best year unless you determine to make it so.

This is YOUR year!

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Never Give Up!

Do you ever feel like giving up?  Remember, some of the most successful people had failure, depression, and rejection.  They felt like giving up….but they didn’t!

I don’t want you to give up either!

Author J.K. Rowling had just gotten a divorce, was on welfare, clinically depressed and contemplating suicide when she wrote the manuscript for her first Harry Potter book. She couldn’t afford a computer so she manually typed out each manuscript she sent to publishers. She was rejected dozens of times, until finally a small publisher in London gave her a chance. She didn’t give up!

Stephen Spielberg was rejected from the University of California School of Theater and Television three times! He finally got accepted at another location, but then dropped out to become a director.  35 years after starting his degree he returned to school to finally complete his work and earn his degree. He never gave up!

Oprah was fired and told she was unfit for TV. She didn’t let that stop her, and she never gave up!

Walt Disney was fired from the newspaper he worked for, because he “lacked imagination”. He didn’t listen and he did not give up!

The Beatles were rejected by Decca Recording studios who said they “didn’t like their sound and they would never have a future in show business”. They just kept on playing and they never gave up!

20th Century Fox fired Marilyn Monroe after one year because her producer told her she wasn’t pretty or talented enough to be an actress. She didn’t give up!

Thomas Edison failed over 1000 times at inventing the light bulb. He said, “I haven’t failed. I have discovered 1000 ways the light bulb won’t work!”

Each of these individuals have something in common! THEY DIDN’T GIVE UP! They had a dream, they had a vision, and they were not going to let anyone or anything stop them from reaching their dreams!

Let that be true with you as well! You have a dream.  You have a vision of what you want, and goals you want to reach.

When you’re tired, when you’re facing major obstacles, don’t give up. When you lack resources, don’t give up. When you’ve got bills to pay, mouths to feed, and your feeling like you’re not going to make it, don’t give up! When you’re told you’ll never succeed, you’re not good enough, don’t give up!

Keep fighting and keep believing!  Your breakthrough may be just around the corner.

So, whatever you do, don’t ever, ever, ever give up!!

Your friend,


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