Mental toughness is something we talk often about in sports, but is actually needed in every area of life.

What exactly is mental toughness?  It’s the measure of your resiliency and confidence in overcoming adversity to accomplish a task. 

Being mentally tough will allow you to get through the pain, adversity, and the challenges that lie in your path.   It’s a necessary attitude that will allow you to overcome great odds.

Whether you are raising your kids, working out an issue with your spouse, trying to pass a class, creating something new in your business, writing a book or blog, designing and implementing something new, or any worthy goal you are working towards, you will need to be mentally tough in order to succeed!

We all face adversity. We face it in the form of criticism from others, we face it when we begin to doubt our own abilities, we face it when there is an unexpected challenge putting constraints on us, and we face it whenever things just don’t go according to plan.

You need mental toughness to succeed!

Can a person improve their mental toughness?  Yes!Just as an athlete lifts weights to improve their strength and practices their sport to improve their abilities, being mentally tough is an attitude and skill you can improve.

Look over the following list of 10 thought processes the mentally tough person goes through.  Make a commitment to incorporate each  of these thought processes into your thinking and your mental toughness will immediately begin to improve.

10 Things Mentally Tough People Do:

  1. The mentally tough person doesn’t consider giving up.  It’s simply not an option.  No matter how bad the situation is, giving up is not a thought they entertain.
  2. The mentally tough person believes there is a way, and will do whatever it takes to find that way.  If there is a will there is a way, but your will must be strong enough to find that way.  The mentally tough person believes a way exists and they will stick with it until they find it.
  3. The mentally tough person understands there will be setbacks, but doesn’t allow the setback to stop them.  Setbacks are a part of the process.  A setback is only a set up for the next great thing.
  4. The mentally tough person understands slow progress is still progress.
  5. The mentally tough person stays determined.  They don’t allow hopelessness to invade their mind.
  6. The mentally tough person stays the positive.  They understand negative thinking never accomplishes anything except more negative thinking.  They don’t allow themselves to whine or complain or criticize.  Instead of wasting time and energy talking about all the things that are wrong, they focus on how to fix things.
  7. The mentally tough person has a clear vision of what they want.  They have clarity.  The clearer your picture of what you want the more likely you are able to get passed the obstacles that are in your way.  Be specific about your goals.
  8. The mentally tough person uses their pain as motivation.  They keep focused on the outcome they want, not the pain they are experiencing.   They don’t have less pain than anyone else, they simply don’t allow their minds to linger on the pain, but rather they constantly keep the vision of what they want in front of them.
  9. The mentally tough person doesn’t put limits on what’s possible.  Others will try to put limits on what’s possible for them, but they don’t listen.  Neither will they listen to the doubts that creep in to their own mind.  They quickly dismiss limiting thoughts and replace them with possibility thoughts.
  10. The mentally tough person learns from failures and mistakes.  Henry Ford said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

When you decide to incorporate these 10 thought processes into your thinking, you instantly improve your mental toughness.  Over time your toughness will improve and you will accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Don’t ever forget, you’ve got greatness inside you.  Keep believing, keep focused and keep the faith.

Until next time,


You’ve got what it takes!  You were born for this!